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Fruits and Vegetables (Ағылшын тілі сабақ слайд шоу)
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Aims of the lesson:

To enrich the pupil’s vocabulary knowledge, in order to use the new words in their everyday life speech;
To develop their thinking, describing, speaking & writing abilities;
To teach them to be honest & to respect the other people.

Visual aids:

interactive board, the colorful pictures of
fruits & vegetables, marking objects.

An outline of the lesson plan:

I. Organization Moment
Marking absents
Warming up
II. Main Stage
To present the new theme \ Countable & uncountable nouns
To do exercises
To play the game
To role play “We have breakfast”
III. Concluding Stage
To conclude the lesson (to do 5 test questions)
To give the home task
Saying good-bye!

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