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Architecture of computer system (сабақ жоспары)
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Компьютерлік техниканы аппараттық қамтамасыз ету пәнінен ағылшын тіліндегі сабақ жоспары

1. Address category

1.1. Name of the specialty and qualification

1304000 « Computer systems and software»

1.2. Course, group

17 VTZ-4,5,6

1.3. The name of the module / discipline in the section

Computer hardware

PM1. Compliance with labor laws and occupational safety requirements

1.4. The theme of the lesson

Computer and architecture of computer system

1.5. Organizational form of the lesson

Group work, independent study

1.6. The knowledge and skills of students necessary to carry out activities on the module/topic

- learn how computing systems are structured;

- define the concept of architecture

1.7. Opportunities of the training session integration of professional skills and employment skills

- communication skills;

- the ability to perceive information;

- the ability to apply information in practice.

2. Aim of the lesson

2.1. To promote the development of the following job opportunities and job search, which students will learn in this lesson

- listening skills;

- ability to communicate with partners;

- listen to the opinions of others.

2.2. Training of professional skills, which are learned by students in the process of training

- the ability to organize the workplace correctly;

- ability to work with literature;

- ability to work in a team;

- to think logically.

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