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English speaking countries (Открытый урок -Ашық сабақ)
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16.05.2013, 23:00
English – speaking countries 
Type of the lesson: Revision lesson.
The aim:
• to revise the knowledge of the theme
• to enrich pupils` knowledge in all spheres of country-study
• to develop their thinking abilities and speaking in English
• to enhance their respect for people of other nationalities
• to develop their pride of their native country
The aids:
 geographical maps
 flags
 popular sights of the cities
 pictures of famous people
The plan of the lesson:
1. Presentation of English-speaking countries:
a. The United Kingdom of Great Britain
b. The United States of America
c. Canada
2. The sights of their cities (pictures).
3. English proverbs.
4. Famous dates from their histories.
5. Idioms.
6. Their famous people.
7. Riddles.
8. Their famous holidays.
The procedure of the lesson.

I. Organization moment.
There are 3 teams representing 3 English-speaking countries, they are the UK, the USA, Canada (each team has a map, a flag and some objects or clothes, showing that they are from the country which they represent). Each team must present its country. They can tell all they want about their countries.
II. The 2nd round is Picture questions.
Teacher:You will be shown some sights or the cities or interesting places. You must guess what kind of place it is and speak about it. You must give full information about the picture.
The sights of cities:
1. New York
2. Big Ben
3. Trafalgar Square
4. Buckingham Palace
5. Downing Street 10
6. The Tower
7. St. Paul`s Cathedral
8. Sydney
9. The Niagara Falls
10. Ottawa
III. The 3rd round is Proverbs.
Teacher: You will be given only one part of the proverb, you should find the other part of it. Then you must give Kazakh equivalent of the proverb.
Proverbs :
1. Bad news / travels fast.Жаман хабар тез тарайды.
2. If you run after two hares / you`ll catch none.Екі кеменің басын ұстаған, суға кетеді.
3. Easily earned money is / quickly spent.Оңай жолмен табылған ақша тез жоғалады.
4. All for one / one for all.Бәрі бірі үшін, бірі бәрі үшін.
5. Knowledge is / power.Күш білімде.
6. Better untaught / than badly taught.Нашар оқытқаннан мүлдем оқытпаған артық.
7. The right thing / in the right place.Әр нәрсенің өз уақыты бар.
8. Never put off till tomorrow / what you can do today.Бүгін жасай алатыныңды ертеңге қалдырма.
9. Everything is good / in its season.Әр нәрсенің өз уақыты бар.
10. Marriages are made / in heaven.
IV. The 4th round is Famous dates from the history of the countries.
Teacher: We`ll check how well you know the history of your countries. You will be shown dates or numbers, you should tell us about them.
Famous dates in the history:
1. 1770 – James Cook discovered Australia
2. 1776 – Independence day of the USA
3. 6/2 – Australia has 6 states and 2 territories
4. 1884 – France gave the Statue of Liberty to America as a present, as the symbol of friendship
5. 1949 – The Commonwealth of nations was formed
6. 1066 – The Romans came to England from France Normandy and invaded it
7. 1620 – The first colonists came to America from England on board of the ship
8. 1861-1865 – There was a civil war in America
9. 13/50 – The USA has 13 stripes and 50 stars on the flag
10. 56 mln. – The UK has 56 mln. people
V. The 5th round is Idioms.
Teacher: You know that the Idiom is a phrase which means something different from the meaning of separate words that are part of it. E. g. to pull to pieces – тас-талканету.You will be given idioms, you must give their definitions in English or in Kazakh.
1. A fat cat – somebody rich and powerful, қолы ұзын
2. Like cat and dog – fighting badly, ит пен мысық сияқты
3. To give a black look – to look angrily, қабағынан қар жауды
4. To feel blue – to be in a bad mood, сіркесі су көтермеу
5. A white elephant – expensive, unuseful present,
6. In thin ice – in unsafe or risky position,
7. Up in the air – undecided, uncertain,
8. Walking on air – very happy, төбесі көкке жету
9. Tight place – in a difficult position,
VI. The 6th round is Famous people.
Teacher: There are many famous people in English-speaking countries. You will be shown pictures of popular people you must guess who they are and tell us all that you know about them.
Famous people:
1. Christopher Columbus
2. William Shakespeare
3. Robin Hood
4. Queen Elizabeth II
5. George Washington
6. Walt Disney
7. James Cook
8. An Indian
9. The Beatles
VII. The 7th round is Riddles.
Teacher: There are many riddles in every language. English language also has riddles. Your task is to solve the riddle.
1. What goes through a door but never goes in or comes out? – wind
2. What is it that doesn`t ask questions but must be answered? – a telephone
3. I go at night and all day long. And yet I never go away? – a clock
4. I have cities but no houses, forests but no trees, rivers without water. What am I? – a map
5. What falls on the water but never gets wet? – shadow
6. What is it that man cannot live without? – a name
7. They look at one another all the time but never meet? – a ceiling and a floor
8. We are four brothers living under one roof. – a table
9. Why can`t the world ever come to an end? – because it is round
10. What star is not seen in the sky? – a film star
VIII. The last round is Holidays.
Teacher: Every country has its own national holidays. You will be given pictures of holidays, you should name them and tell us what you know about these holidays, how people celebrate them and what they do on that day.
1. Christmas
2. Thanksgiving Day
3. Halloween
4. Independence day
End of the lesson.
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