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The clever boys and girls (Ағылшын сабағы) сыныптан тыс шара
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22.01.2014, 21:54
The clever boys and girls 
The theme: The clever boys and girls
Visual aids: slides, an interactive board, pictures
Connection of the subjects: English – Russian – Kazakh
The aims: 1. To check pupils’knowledge from English, Kazakh and Russian through playing games, doing different tasks
2. To develop pupils’ reading, speaking and thinking abilities and inlarge their vocabulary.
3. To bring up the pupils the lovers of language of English and teach to be attentive and curiosity

The host: Good morning dear pupils, teachers and guests! Welcome to our intellectual show. We are glad to see you and we hope that you’ll enjoy today’s game.
Our language is connected with our thought and sense. It appeared in antiquity. It’s close to the society’s life. All languages developed under influence of economic, political and geographical conditions.
Dear guests, teachers and pupils! Welcome to our competition "The pretty girls and clever guys”! The pupils of 8th forms take part in this game.
Well, we begin our game and let’s meet our participants.

Let me introduce you with our players. The first team is called "The light star”. The captain of the team is ____. The second team is called is "The golden moon”. The captain of the second team is _____.
Our 1st level "Presentation of the teams”
Participants tell some words about themselves, about hobbies, favourite subjects, motto. The captain of each team comes here, takes out cards. There are numbers 1 and 2, who take number 1, that starts our competition.

A man who knows many languages has no barriers and difficulties,
especially in the 2nd level "Think and find”. I give you letter and each other answer the question beginning at that letter.
Letter: A, B, S, C, W, M, D, T.
Now we begin our 2nd level "Baiga”
Are you ready?

1st team
1. Name the national flower emblem of England?(the rose)
How many parts are there in Great Britain? What are they?
(England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland)
Who is the head of Great Britain? (Queen Elizabeth)
In what country was the Statue of Liberty made?(France)
What is the oldest university of Great Britain? (Oxford)
How many letters are there in English alphabet? (26)
Who is the first woman Prime Minister in Britain? (M. Thatcher)
"іздеу” сөзінің ағылшынша аудармасы? (look for)
"clean” сөзінің антонимі? (dirty)
What is the capital of Wales? (Cardiff)

2nd team
Who was the first American President? (George Washington)
Which is the most popular British sport? (Football)
Who was the first man on the moon? (Neil Armstrong)
What is the capital of Great Britain? (London)
"қарау” сөзінің ағылшынша аудармасы? (look at)
"good” сөзінің антонимі? (bad)
How many letters are there in Russian alphabet? (32)
What is the official language of the USA? (English)
In which month is Thanksgiving Day celebrated? (November)
Who played the part of Rambo? (S. Stallone)

Now we continue our game. 3rd level "Do you know?” You must riddle and write the answer into English, Russian and Kazakh. In 3 languages – 15 point, in 2 languages – 10 point, in 1 language – 5 point.

1st team
1. A place where things are made, often by machines. (a factory, завод, зауыт)
2. A machine like an electric cupboard that you keep in your kitchen and use for keeping food cool and fresh.
(a fridge, холодильник, тоңазытқыш)
3. The room in a house or restaurant where food is prepared to eat.
(a kitchen, кухня, ас үй)
4. A drawing of an area which shows cities, rivers, roads etc.
(a map, карта, карта)
5. A set of sheets of paper containing new and advertisements, which is sold every day or week. (a newspaper, газета, гaзет)
6. A very large animal that looks like a very large fish and lives in the sea
(a whale, кит, кит)
7. A place with grass and flowers. (a garden, сад, бау – бақша)
8. A wild animal that looks like a large dog. (a wolf, волк, қасқыр)
9. Very cold rain which is soft and white.
(a snow, снег, қар)
10. A building where doctors and nurses care for people who are ill.
(a hospital, больница, аурухана)

2nd team
1. A person, often a woman, who is trained to help doctors and look after people when they are sick or old.
(a nurse, сиделка (няня), күтуші әйел )
2. A building where you can go and see important things connected with science, history etc. (a museum, музей, мұражай)
3. Someone who lives near you.
(a neighbour, сосед, көрші)
4. A building or room in a building where you can buy things.
(a shop, магазин, дүкен)
5. A small point of light that can be seen in the sky at night.
(a star, звезда, жұлдыз)
6. Someone whose job is to teach.
(a teacher, учитель, мұғалім)
7. A large wild cat with yellow and black lines on its fur.

(a tiger, тигр, жолбарыс)
8. A place where are you pay to watch a film.
(a cinema, кинотеатр, кинотеатр)
9. A book that tells you what words mean and how to spell them.
(a dictionary, словарь, сөздік)
10. A plant such as a carrot, cabbage or a potato which is grown to be eaten. (a vegetables, овощи, көкөністер)

Our next 4th level is "Magic numbers”
Great The Sport
days places games
20 on the left Great days
This holiday honors our mothers, grandmothers, women in the world?
(International Women’s Day 8th of March)
20 in the middle The places
The place for skating in Almaty? (Shymbulak)
20 on the right Sports and games
The Kazakh traditional horse races. (baige)
30 on the left Great days
The Kazakhs celebrate this holiday on March 22. People pay each other visits, for give wrongs and cancel debts?
30 in the middle The places
The old mausoleum in Turkestan. It is more than 1500 years old.
(Hodja Ahmet Yassaui )
30 on the right Sports and games
This is an indoor game for two players. You need a special table, a racket for each player and a small ball.
(table tennis)
40 on the left Great days
One of the best holiday for children. The Americans celebrate it on October
31. (Halloween)
40 in the middle The places to visit
The most popular place to visit in Kyrgyzstan – a huge lake that a trip to the mountains (Issykkol)
40 on the right Sports and games
An outdoor game for two teams of eleven players. The object of the game is to score a goal. (Football )
Teacher: We congratulate winners! Great! Thank you for your work, you were very active, it was such a pleasure to work with you.

Thank you for your attention. Competition is over, good – bye!
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